Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Airsoft Reports Mission

We started airsoft reports because we are first and foremost airsoft players and were always looking for a unbiased and accurate product reviews.

The simple truth is that there is a lot of info out there but a lot of it simply doesn't provide the buyers with a good idea of what they are getting into when they buy an airsoft gun.

Most of the time buyers don't want to waste their money on something that won't fit their needs as much as they thought it would.

We decided to take video footage of the guns we test. This way, even if you don't agree with what we say, you can still see what the gun looks like and how it handles.

Even though you'll hear our opinions on the guns we test, the videos speak for themselves and you'll be able to see for yourself what is good and bad about a particular model.

Each time we get a new product in the shop we do an initial inspection to see how well the product meets our initial expectations. We usually have the testers for about two weeks to a month before we shoot our videos.

During this time we put as many rounds through each gun as we can and test the effective accuracy, FPS and ROF of each gun.

We utilize a "Shooting Chrony" chronograph which is one of the most accurate chronographs on the market. This way there is no guesswork and we know exactly how fast each shot is going.

Just to make sure we frequently put differing weights of bb through the testers. We do this because each airsofter is different and some prefer the lighter stuff and some prefer to use heavier bbs.

Then, we test the approximate ROF for each gun to see how many bbs per second the gun can push. We use different voltage batteries to see how the gun will perform with the different power sources.

Finally and perhaps most importantly we measure out our targets and see just how far out each gun can accurately hit the target.

We use a digital chronograph, a computer and a tape measure to get our results.

There is no "Estimation" when it comes to how fast or how far the test models can shoot bbs and you get the video to prove it.

We are not employed by any retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer. We get product donated or lent to use by suppliers and we cite them for it.

We maintain our complete independance from anyone and every supplier knows and approves of our techniques.

In this way we bring you the consumer the most accurate and fair review that we can.